NT Rego Check


Why you need to do NT rego check?

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used cars sold hide a potential issue
/ 16
cars have been recorded as a write off
mins a vehicle in Australia is stolen
/ 10
cars under a Takata airbag recall

The Northern Territory

is one of the smaller states in Australia, with a population of only 244,000. However, it still bears risks when it comes to roads safety.

The Northern Territory Government requires that all vehicles driven on public roads are currently registered. As with the rest of Australia, it’s the driver’s responsibility to ensure that a vehicle is registered before driving it – even if it doesn’t belong to them. https://nt.gov.au/driving/registration/rego-check

  • Vehicle registration status

  • Rego expiry date

  • Vehicle inspection date (if needed)

  • Any registration restrictions

  • Whether the car has been written-off in the past

FAQ about NT rego check

In the Northern Territory, CTP payments are collected as part of drivers’ rego payments. So, you don’t need to select a CTP insurer in NT.

Roadworthiness. Driving a vehicle that is roadworthy is crucial to your safety and that of other road users. … In the Northern Territory, roadworthy inspections are required for new cars after five years, 10 years and then annually. Check if your car needs a roadworthy inspection.

go to an MVR office or Australia Post office that provides MVR transactions. contact the MVR office by emailing [email protected] or calling 1300 654 628 during business hours.

The CTP Insurance scheme in the Northern Territory is the Motor Accidents Compensation (MAC) Scheme. The scheme is funded by motor vehicle owners, through a contribution when they register their NT vehicle. When a vehicle is registered in the Territory, CTP insurance is included in the registration fee.

30 days

A Certificate of Roadworthiness can only be issued by a licensed vehicle tester, operating from a nominated garage. The Roadworthy certificate is valid for 30 days from the day it was issued.

Driving a vehicle unregistered for less than 12 months or driving with a license expired for less than two months will continue to attract on-the-spot fines ranging between $200 and $800.

Open licence (new or renewal)

1 year     $33

2 years $50

5 years $101

10 years      $174


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