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Vehicle registration plates of the Northern Territory

The Northern Territory of Australia needs its citizens to register their motor vehicles and also display vehicle registration plates. Existing regular problem plates are to the typical Australian dimensions of 372 mm (14.6 in) in size by 134 mm (5.3 in) in elevation, and use typical Australian serial dies.

The Northern Territory has never fully taken on the 1950s 3 letter, three number Federal system. It was recommended to obtain XAA-000 to XZZ-999 that Western Australia later on used up.

Prior to 1933 Registration plates in the NT was in between Central Australia as well as Northern Australia for 5 years, as NA & CA has their very own registration plates until the merging in 1933 back right into North Area.

1933 to 1953 Plates were made in the design comparable to Q plates in Qld, with NT revealed on a white band at the left and also the numericals in white on black.

1953 to 1979 Registration plates in the NT were just 5 numbers these being white on a black history. [e.g. 12-354], by the 1970s it reached 100-000 so a 6-digit version was added as well as ran until 1979 when it changed to ochre on white plates. All black-and-white plates were recalled as well as replaced on expiration of registration, retention costs applied if the motorist desired to maintain the original number.

1979 to 2011 NT plates have six numbers in ochre on a white history, with the slogan “Northern Region: Wilderness Australia”. Motorbike plates have 5 numbers. There does not seem to be a noticeable system to plate collection, as numbers of all types show up on both fifty percents of home plate.

NTG (Northern Area Federal Government) 800-000 to 899-999 and Cycles 80-000 to 85-999, has the NTG embossed at the left hand side of a typical plate, while NTG was embossed on top of motorbike plates. It remains to be issued as a standalone numeric allotment after 2011 when the general series transferred to alpha numeric.

In 1987, the embossing has transformed adhering to an adjustment of maker right into a non-standard embossing.

The same year, bikes and also trailers plates were changed to suit registration labels to be displayed in a box below the T letter for trailers and at the right hand side for motorcycles. It happened for a while before the change of maker.

In the 1990s MVR started providing personalized, or combination of alpha numerics personalised in Ochre-white base, Black-white base and black-yellow base, with slogan choices N.T. – WILDERNESS AUSTRALIA or N.T. – NATURE TERRITORY – or N.T. on top.

In 1998, Vehicle basic series reverted to the Australian conventional embossing utilized prior to 1987.

Trailer plates utilized the Tnn-nnn style up it was worn down in 1998 after which Ta-nnnn was implemented. This was previously on a black on yellow base up until 1979 when the current ochre on white slogan plates were introduced.

In the early 2000s slimline plates were introduced on customised/ personalized or general series using remakes just.

By August 2008 it was reported both motorcycles and also basic series have actually reached the 9’s as well as a brand-new system was being considered to replace the existing system. It was reported that the MVR in the NT is taking a look at n-a-nnnn or aa-nnnn or the NSW aa-nn-aa style to replace it. It is anticipated to occur near completion of 2010.

Since 23 October 2009, the NT Government announced the chosen new plate format Ca-nn-aa. It will certainly likewise replace the all numeric bike collection with alpha numeric series. The brand-new series was unveiled in January 2011. It became available for issue in June 2011, with the exact same ochre on reflective white base and slogan somewhat customized to show as NT OUTBACK AUSTRALIA without dash and full stops.

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